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While it may seem like a business phone system is a small area of concern for a business owner, the truth is that the business phone system that you choose can make or break the overall success of your company when it comes to exceptional customer service.

Your business phone system will serve the purpose of greatly enhancing communication with customers, clients, and colleagues. Although choosing the right small business phone system for your company may seem complicated and frustrating, it truly doesn’t have to be.

Expert Technology will help you choose the phone system appropriate for the demanding needs of your office, and provide a user friendly solution to your communications needs. Expert Technology specializes in the installation and servicing of Toshiba systems; however we can service all makes and models.

Toshiba Business Telephone System

The Toshiba telephone system is available as a digital device to offer small businesses diverse features to enhance customer service. The digital phone systems range from 4-line to 9-line systems equipped with backlit LED, programmable buttons, integrated headsets, digital clarity, and display speakerphones.

The display speakerphone is a popular feature in digital Toshiba telephones, allowing the user to place speakerphone commands through the digital display in the phone system. This allows for hands-free access to a number of phone features in order to manage calls in a fast-paced environment.

Additional Applications and Voicemail Features

Toshiba phone systems voicemail features and applications are available for small to large businesses. These features include:

  • Automated Attendant: Callers can route their own calls and leave messages without third-party assistance.
  • Telephone Answering: Callers can leave a message, call another extension, hold a call, or choose to be transferred to the operator.
  • Call Routing: Callers can be transferred to a specific department or choose an extension from the phone directory.
  • Voice Messaging: Voice messages can be created, sent, received, forwarded, and saved.
  • Call Screening: A caller must state their name and company, which will be announced to the call recipient before they answer a call.
  • Message Notification: Users will be alerted of a new message with a pager, waiting light, or a call placed from an office phone.
  • Audio Text: Callers can play prerecorded information through a series of audio prompts.

    Additionally, the voicemail features will allow a user to manage their voice, fax, and e-mail messages directly from their telephone or computer with the Unified Messaging capabilities.

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