Expert Technology Cloud Backup Plan

Expert Technology offers both basic and comprehensive backup plans starting with just solo server backup to the cloud or utilizing entire organization backups local and cloud. Contact us for multiple servers and/or entire organization backup information.

Cloud backup solutions are important in today’s business world because of many reasons. Onsite backups often include a single server on site with many points of failure leaving your data vulnerable for loss. Our cloud backup solutions offer a redundant cloud infrastructure with locations around the country hosting your data with superior up time to natural and human disaster. For small businesses, we are often able to install a local backup on removable storage for quick and easy recovery of large files.

Cloud Backup Plans
100Gb Storage $6.99 a month
250Gb Storage $12.99 a month
500Gb Storage $22.99 a month
1000Gb Storage $39.99 a month

***Multiple computers can share data plan***

Causes Of Onsite Backup Failure

  • Mechanical Failure
  • Human Error
  • Software Failure
  • Virus Malware
  • Natural Disaster

Since 2013, the Department of Justice estimates the CryptoLocker virus alone has compromised more than 260,000 computers worldwide. And an ISTR Special Report measured an increase of 87 percent of ransomware infections between March 2015 and March 2016. Ransomware is extremely profitable for cyber criminals—unless the organization it hits has prepared for its occurrence. Continue reading the white paper.

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